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meet the beauty behind the brand


nikkiNiCole is a fashion brand, based in Miami, Florida. I design custom pieces for women influencers who require sophistication and modesty, but will not sacrifice their sexiness. I pride myself on providing a unique one-on-one experience, from imagination to fruition. nikkiNiCole is a small, intimate company that has a passion for dressing women.​

I learned how to sew in 2010 when I was in a very dark place. Sewing was my outlet. It became more than a hobby... it became a passion. In 2014, I decided to take my craft serious and began studying Fashion Design at Miami International University of Art & Design. I have also worked for various cruise lines and opera productions, designing costumes.

I love taking beautiful fabric and creating beautiful pieces for beautiful women. I believe curves are unique to each individual woman and my job (and pleasure) as the designer is to create a garment that will flatter and compliment the physique of the woman.

I take pride, pleasure, and confidence in producing quality work and creating a personal and pleasurable experience for my clients.



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